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The NEW Epiphone Johnny A. is now available from your Epiphone dealer.

Epi JA

Click on photo to hear Johnny explain the JA Signature Guitar:


Thanks to Steve at Wildwood for this great video!





Johnny A. at Gibson Summer Jam 2011



Legends Aren't Born.. They're Made!


Gibson Summer Jam 2008:



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This was taken at the announcement of the JA signature guitar. I am holding JA008

This next photo is an important one to me. On both ends are the old and new admins for the JAR and in the middle are the creators of the signature guitar. It was taken at a Gibson Custom Shop Fantasy Camp where Chris and I got to work side-by-side with the wonderful people in the shop. We learned a lot about the Johnny A. guitar as well as other Gibson models.

From the left: Dan, Mike McGuire, Johnny A. & Chris.

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